Bathroom Cabinets

Bathroom cabinet manufacturing is a subject that requires meticulousness. Because the cabinets used in the bathrooms are constantly exposed to water and moisture. When the right materials and manufacturing techniques are not used, swelling and blistering problems occur in the cabinets and become unusable. As with the materials used for kitchen cabinets, it is necessary to choose materials that are resistant to water and moisture in bathroom cabinets.

What are the Cabinet Materials Used in Bathrooms?

Membrane cover is one of the most used materials, as it is resistant to water, provides a lacquer-like appearance and offers an affordable price option. Membrane bathroom cabinet designs also affect the material to be used. Lacquer painting materials on MDF give better results in carved rustic designs. Lacquer painting makes MDF more resistant to water, moisture and steam. Using longer-lasting Lake offers more expensive solutions in terms of cost. As in membrane kitchen models, the problem of opening over time can be experienced faster in bathrooms. For this reason, cabinets made of acrylic panels, which are easy to clean, are recommended for those who want to turn to PVC coating solutions.

We Offer Quality Solutions in Bathroom Cabinet Manufacturing

Our company, which prepares and presents the best design and manufacturing solutions for bathroom cabinet manufacturing to its customers, offers the highest quality results in cloakroom manufacturing, kitchen models and bedroom designs. Taking the correct measurements for the bathroom cabinet and analyzing the obstructions correctly ensures a better result. Changes are made in bathroom cabinet models according to whether or not to include water lines and drains, washing machine cabinets and countertops.

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