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One of the most important parts for bedroom manufacturing is the wardrobe. Day by day, everyone wants to have bigger wardrobes. For this reason, sliding door wardrobe was developed. Since the larger cabinets mean larger doors, the sliding door wardrobes eliminate the opening and closing problems for the doors in narrow rooms. The best seller wardrobe models in the market these days are sliding door wardrobe models since the standard bedroom sizes throughout the UK are not big in scale. Custom-made wardrobes, on the other hand, allow the bedroom design to be made in the best way. Since the room sizes are not equal to each other, the standard size free standing wardrobes do not meet the needs of many people.

What to Consider in Wardrobe Manufacturing?

Like kitchen cabinets, the first and most important design criterion in Wardrobe manufacturing is the way of use. Just as kitchen cabinet models that do not meet the needs are not preferred by people, wardrobe models are also preferred in terms of meeting the needs. Our company, which offers the best solutions in kitchen cabinet manufacturing, develops solutions that will satisfy its customers with personalized wardrobe designs. Unlike the manufacturing of bathroom cabinets, lighter materials can be preferred in wardrobes as they are less likely to be exposed to water and moisture.

How to Choose Materials in Wardrobe Manufacturing?

One of the important considerations when choosing materials in wardrobe manufacturing is the desired design. Another issue is the durability of the material. Because wardrobes are used to store goods and carry many loads. Wardrobe materials and design should also be made suitable for carrying the load. Otherwise, problems such as flexing and bending may occur in the panels carrying the load. Making aesthetic and useful shelf designs in order not to experience bending problems due to the weight of the goods in the wardrobes not only ensures the structure is supported within itself, but also eliminates the bending and stretching problems.

Should You Prefer Acrylic, Matt or High Gloss Panels?

Most of our customers take into account the resistance of acrylic panels to scratches and easy cleaning. On the other hand, high gloss and matt panels are less durable than acrylic panels. However, this difference in durability is not a significant difference. The main reason why acrylic material is preferred is that it offers a smooth shiny surface and does not have the orange peel appearance encountered in high gloss and matt material. Cabinets made using acrylic material reflect the light like a mirror, making the rooms appear brighter. In the end, the materials to be chosen in the production of wardrobes are very diverse as they will reflect the tastes and likes of the customers.

What Should Be Considered While Making Wardrobes?

Functionality is one of the most important things to consider when designing a wardrobe. It is important that you define the wardrobe as you want to use it to the manufacturer and get a functional design drawing accordingly. In this way, you can have information about how the wardrobe will be. One of the important issues to be considered is the mechanisms to be used. Definitely inform the manufacturer about the mechanisms you want to use and which are part of the design you have in mind.

Is Price or Quality More Important When Making Wardrobes?

As in everything else, price is an important parameter in wardrobe manufacturing. However, thinking long-term allows you to get better results in this regard. Wardrobe is one of the items that we do not change much in our homes. Using a wardrobe for many years is something that almost everyone wants. That's why quality is also very important. You have to consider the price you will pay for a wardrobe that can be used comfortably for many years without being damaged. Otherwise, you may be faced with the need for a new wardrobe every few years.

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